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The Philodendron Pink Princess is one of the most show stopping plants you could have in your home.  Its beautiful leaves are comprised of dark green with pink variegation.  The pink variegation is caused by a lack of chlorophyll, which is what makes the leaves green.  It is important to give this plant what it needs to ensure your plant does its best in your home and the environment you provide it, along with ensuring it keeps its variegation and does not revert to solid green leaves.  


🌞When giving your Pink Princess light you will want to make sure you provide it with bright, indirect light.  If your windows are unable to give the right amount of light while not giving it direct sun you might want to invest in a grow light to ensure it is getting enough light.  Due to the fact that the leaves are not completely green this means that the plant cannot photosynthesize as well as a plant with solid green leaves.  Since the pink portion of the leaves cannot photosynthesize this means that you have to provide even more light to ensure the plant is able to get enough food so it does not revert to solid green in order to get the food it needs. 

💧You are going to want to water your Pink Princess when the top 1" to 2"s of soil are dry.  This plant prefers to stay moist so make sure you do not allow this plant to completely dry out.   Be careful not to over care for this plant, a lot of people will over water due to their fear of under watering their plant.  One way to ensure you are not under watering or over watering your plant is that you can buy a moisture meter to see when it is starting to dry out without the plant fully drying out. 

🌫 Humidity and temperature are an important aspect for this plant as well.  Make sure you are keeping the temperature around your Pink Princess between 65 degrees fahrenheit and 84 degrees fahrenheit.  Not only should you keep in mind the temperature around your plant but also ensure it is not getting a direct cold draft or a direct hot draft.  Since this plant is a tropical plant it is also important to keep the humidity high around the place you keep your plant. It is important to keep your humidity level above 40% to have a happy plant.  You can do this by misting the leaves, adding a tray of pebbles and water near it, keeping it in a well light bathroom, misting the leaves through out the day or investing in a humidifier. 

🐶 not pet friendly!