Manos Juntas Retail 10oz Bag

Manos Juntas Retail 10oz Bag

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Resting high in the Northern Andes, you can find a culture rich with both the art and science of producing coffee. In tandem with eight local farms, Banexport has created a micro-mill in Sotara with a defined philosophy on producing coffee. They believe that there is equal importance to growing as to processing & sorting coffee. So, in order to let the local farms focus on growing the best cherries, they take it upon themselves to focus solely on the ladder. First, they buy the cherries (above market price) on the same day of harvesting. After measuring pH, brix levels, and meticulously sorting, they are placed in hermetically sealed tanks for five days of anaerobic fermentation. After halting fermentation, the coffee sits for another five days before undergoing a 45 day drying process. This results in a unity between expert growing techniques and masterful processing. We invite you to be the last hand, joined together, in creating a cup of coffee that is anything but simple.


Tasting Notes: Strawberry Jam, Caramel, Winey

Varietals: Castillo, Colombia, F6

Elevation: 1,950-2,100 masl

Region: Sotara, Cauca, Colombia

Processing Method: Anaerobic Natural

Brew Temp: 204°-208°


 Importer: BANEXPORT & Café Imports


Roaster's Notes: (20lb Batch)

End Temp: 395°

Time: 11:30

DTR: 15.5%