Kayanza Burundi Retail 10oz Bag

Kayanza Burundi Retail 10oz Bag

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Burundi | Kayanza

There is nothing better than a clean, bright, yet sweet cup of coffee. The contributing farmers to the Dohorerabarimyi Cooperative know better than most. Located in the Northern Highlands of Burundi, the high elevation helps create a dense, flavorful coffee that tastes great as a pour-over, or a sugary shot of espresso.

Tasting Notes: Cane Sugar, Grape, Pear 

Varietals: Bourbon

Elevation: 1,975 masl

Region: Kayanza, Burundi

Processing Method: Washed

Brew Temp: 204°-208°

Producer: Dohorerabarimyi COOP

Importer: Café Imports


Roaster's Notes: (20lb Batch)

End Temp: 402°

Time: 11:30

DTR: 15%