Carolina Estate Retail 10oz Bag

Carolina Estate Retail 10oz Bag

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Colombia | Finca San Antonio

In the Northwest Corner of Colombia, high in the Cordillera Mountains, you can find Finca San Antonio. However what makes this coffee special isn't the topography, but rather the women who run the farm; Carolina Ramirez and her mother, Maria Victoria. Carolina is an endurance runner, lawyer, and a skilled specialty coffee farmer. Her coffee is picked, fermented for around 9 hours, then depulped and fermented for another 27 hours. A day after, the next batch is added and fermented for 14 more hours before washing it and drying for 2-3 weeks. What amazes us the most is the near lack of any defects due to the diligence of Carolina and Maria hand-sorting all the coffees themselves. We know you're going to love it.

Tasting Notes: Pears, Turbinado Sugar, Jasmine

Varietals: Castillo, Caturra, Cenicafe 1

Elevation: 1,850 masl

Region: Andes, Antioquia, Colombia

Processing Method: Washed

Brew Temp: 204°-208°

Producer: Carolina Ramirez

Importer: Unblended


Roaster's Notes: (20lb Batch)

End Temp: 403°

Time: 11:45

DTR: 17.5%